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I installed Active EMG set 81/85 into my passive guitar, i removed all wiring and done this one from scratch, i copied the diagram perfectly, the soldering is really well done and neat. However I restringed the guitar, plugged it in and it sounds terrible, I have no idea what i've done wrong as I have double checked the wiring and the picture and everything seems perfect.

I did use some wires from old pickups, I was pretty sure that it doesnt matter what wires you use I did follow colour coordination though. I bought 2 brand new roland batteries and they're both max power and ive tried both of them. What could be the issue? If i cant find solutions I might just buy the EMG Solderless wiring kit but thats about £30 when wires are just mere £1 coins from Maplins.

Should I buy new wires? and redo the wiring?
have you taped all the loose red wires from the pickups together? - check you've wired it to the output jack properly
yes ive done everything neatly, very neatly! It's really annoying cause I have 2 gigs next week and really wanted to get that full sound!