Hi, Long time reader first time poster, and first off I'd like to begin by saying thank you for how much this fourm has taught me about guitar mantainence and building.

So, I bought an Epiphone SG that I believe to be a G-400 from Ebay a few days ago and recived it today, (I decided since I am half way through building a guitar I can resell and be generally awesome), I opened the package this morning to find the headstock snapped from the neck in transit, the break it's self is a very clean break with no huge breakouts around the initial break.

I believe I have 3 options really and would like an opion or 2 and maybe some advice on the best course of action if possible, I could take this to a professional and pay a probebly extortionate amount for it to be fixed, I could replace the neck completly, or (my preffered option) re attach it myself, and insert struts (carbon fiber?) to strengthen the break. I have very little experience but enough tools and will to at the very least try and fix it myself.

I would love to hear from you guys as to your opinion on the best solution. Thanks, brad.

Edit: Sorry for the huge photos :S
contact the seller and Ebay and tell them the guitar was damaged in shipping. Also file a claim with the shipper. Someone should pay for it, get you a new guitar or a refund.
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Its ebay, so Im jsut going to assume that youre not going to be refunded and tell you what you need to do to fix it, so watch this video :P

If he paid through paypal he might have a chance.
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Ebay buyer protection is very good, just get a refund.

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Well that's not a bad break. If you do not succeed with the refunding, try fixing it yourself. I'd do it. Just check some DIY info. And it's a real shame that it is broken. That is a nice guitar.
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Did you have shiping insurance? I get it for anything over $100, just in case. You need to contact the shiping company imediately and fill out a repot. contact ebay and the seller to find out your options with them.
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Hey, thanks for the replys, I'm in contact with the seller currentl to find out about the insurance etc... I paid through pay pal so I stand a chance of getting some return, even if just the costs of repairing it. @Nowa thanks for the video, that'll help me a bunch I hope