i think notepads the best for copy/pasting. Sometimes have to play with the margins (i usually just set to 10mm or something) or the end of a bar will get pushed down a line and mucks everything up (might not make sense now, but you will know what im talking about when it happens)
Some ppl use word, but requires more formatting to come out properly (like fonts and spacings, etc.. All PC come with notepad>under "accesories")
There is another way if you can't copy / don't like writed tabs. Go on Songster site and find your tab, then you can do Ctrl+Alt+Stamp R Sist to copy the whole site as an image on paint or on photoshop. Then cut everything else end save the image. do it over and over until you have alla songs image, then put them on word and print.

It's really boring, but it works if you can't use notepad.

If you download Tuxguitar you can download and read Guitar Pro and Powertab tabs from internet and print them with the program. It's a freeware, I link you the download.

Hope it helps (Its useful to know more than 1 way imho)