ok i want to know where i would post a question about what guitar i would want, but i dont want to post in the most obivous posting thread in fear that i would get banned by one of ultimate guitars non-guitarist no life mods. so please tell me

(no offence to most mods except for that camel guy)

ah what ever im going for it even if i get banned
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Careful there. Most mods know a lot about guitars and such. Check out the Electric Guitar forum, I don't know if there is already a thread for that. There should be an FAQ to see if there is important threads and questions already made.
Well, there are threads that tell what you need to describe: the sound you want, the look you want, the specs you want, what are you used to and other stuff. And by the way, as yoman297 above me stated, the moderators aren't "no life" and they know a lot of guitars.
Gear pics

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haha dude chill out! even if you do accidentely post in the wrong forum, theyre not going to ban you. Just look at the forums and youll see all the topics, it wont be too hard to figure out where to post, and like the other guys are saying, the mods arent no life and they know alot about guitars, and they wont ban you for posting in the wrong forum, in fact all theyll do is move your post to the right forum, you have act like a total douche to get banned.