so ive been listening to the jazz greats like miles davis, john coltrane, charlie parker, wes montgomery etc. and i love the music but i just wish it was louder. so are there any jazz bands that just have a louder mix, and by loud i do not mean like rock records that have come out recently like death magnetic by metallica. by a louder mix i mean something thatt would have the same volume as say a led zeppelin album or a boston album. thanks in advance!!
The reason that they aren't louder is because they were recorded 50-60 years ago. They didn't have the same fidelity as we're able to achieve nowadays. If you're concerned about volume, look for remasters, or newer bands (such as the Seatbelts). Otherwise, just crank the volume.
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i dunno. try some hard bop stuff. especially blue note. that stuff swings so hard, it gets my blood pumping like post-hardcore/punk/metal used to.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqmieCY7W8o (also check out the song of his i have auto-playing on my profile page)

or try some neo-bop/anything from the 70s to present:


that should satisfy you. when the band comes in after the piano solo ... wooo! listening to that song makes me sweat.

this album is well mixed. there are three or four horn players so there's a very full sound. and the better fidelity is good. and sam had switched to steel strings recently so the bass is very growly and "new" sounding. in particular, the cut of "bolivia" is my favorite of any version i've heard so far.
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Here's a hard swing version of Georgia On My Mind that you might fancy... I played this in highschool... Won states and almost passed out somewhere in the middle!!!!


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Is there any louder jazz than Stan Kenton? And also, even though it's not true jazz, many drum corps frequently play jazz, and they have the loudest horn sections on earth.
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Listen to the Olatunji concert by John Coltrane, it's his last live recording before he died. It's loud as ****.

Not saying it's good or bad, but it's loud. It's basically the sounds of a man dying, quite literally.
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