hello fellow UG'ers

today i was recording my amp when i suddenly realized no sound was coming out so i checked everything and everything was fine i touched the cables and it really was the amp who didn't give any sound. i checked the tubes and they were burnin as usual.

so i turned it off and some time later turned it back on and started to record again at the start there was a loud noise but it stopped and was as normal again. but after a minute while playing the sound faded out and no sound was coming out anymore.
the tubes were still allright, checked multiple cables checked multiple guitars stil nothing.

so what is the problem UGers'? anyone knows an answer cause it i am quite scared i have gigs coming up. and am out of money

i have a peavey valveking 212 that has been modded few months ago if it helps. oh and the amp was on standby for quite a long time before (1 hour?)

thanks in advance
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How were you recording?

If youve had it for a while it might be time to change the power amp valves. Them being lit up isnt an indication of them working properly.

Though, its probably best to take it to a tech so your sure of the issue. We cant diagnose amps over the internet really.

It could also be your output transformer failing, which is a pretty hefty job and expensive.

Who modded it and what did they do?
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Do you leave it on standby for that long many a time?

Your power tubes could be having cathode poisoning. Bottomline you may need to change your tube.
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Could be one of two things.
It's either a part coming loose due to heat, or a tube dying. Looking at a tube won't tell you if it's working.

If it's a part coming loose, you'll need to take it to a tech. Since the sound is dying out, you may have a bad filter cap. Either way, a tech should be able to spot the problem fairly quickly. I think a loose part is more likely than a tube, so I'd take it to a tech right away to get it checked out, but if you really want you can start by replacing the tubes.
i think it has to be a tube change. once it stayed on standby for a whole night i don't even know how it happened but it was a long time ago. and yeah it happened more often.

the mod wasn't a heavy mod it was just the mesa mod which increases the gain and makes the EQ more balanced but it was a long time ago we did it.

thanks guys
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