im saving up money to buy a bunch of nice recording equipment and waiting for access to actual drums again during fall semester. however, in the mean time i am writing enough music to fill an album or two and recording just to make note of what direction i want each to go in.

the quality sucks right now but focus more on the parts and how they flow together. thats what im trying to focus on now.

critique any or all of the songs and i will C4C anything you would like as well. also if you have a reverb nation account, become my fan and i will become yours!

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Pretty nice, just mix it a bit more even like on the song "Into Orbit" one guitar is loud and the other is pretty quiet. And maybe add a bit of compression. The songs themselves are good though haha.
I like the chord choices, but the playing itself could be a bit better.
Sounds like two guitars would start playing around the 1 minute mark.
Double track the guitar and pan them about 40-70% (where it suits your preferences).
Definitely could use some vocals.

"Into Orbit":
Guitar playing could use more work, but the overall melody ideas are really nice.
Double track the rhythm guitar and pan it about 70% each channel and place the lead smack dab in the middle and raise it's volume some, because the lead seems lower in volume than the rhythm.
Haha. I love the solo. Very funky stuff.
When it gets to both channels, it's too loud. Lower it some.

"21st Century Stone Age":
I like the lead a lot. Very thought out.
Complements the rhythm very well.
When it changes around 1:17, I could do without.
You could have gone on continuing with the original first minute.
Very unusual transition back into the lead.
Like the guitar's tone in this track.

"33 Knows":
The guitar seems very 'wobbly'. Is it an effect? I say take it out.
It makes the playing seem somewhat 'unstable' in a way.
The punchy electric just came in. It sounds really good, but a bit hard to hear the riffs for some reason. Great playing. Solo is really cool and keeps my attention.

Thanks for the critique!
I think it's pretty good. I think the use of dissonance is very easing... Like into orbit is making me very tired, thinking about Hawaii, sitting on a beach during a gorgeous sunset. Are you using Autowah or a regular pedal? I would prefer more subtley, but this is your project. You could really open it up a lot.

Stone age was a little odd at first. Also I think your microphone input is trying to eliminate background noise, unless it's phaser? Sounds rockin' anyways. Happy go lucky riff!

If the distortion was gone in the last track it would be a lot more distinctive (Before the actual distortion comes in). It sounds to me like you have a knack for compositions and dynamics. Just remember to include everything and it will be great.

You could play out the guitar solo a bit more, mix it higher, throw in some Wah pedal too :]

Needs more cowbell

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