Well the NBD was a few days ago but you know the drill:


A sparkly orange Yamaha BB414.

This is what I will be using as my main bass for at least until Christmas. Not only because I can't afford another bass but because this think is built like a tank and it might try to kill me if I attempt to sell it.

It has a very comfortable feel to it, a mixture of Fenderish design, solid construction and the knowledge that it would be about 2p to replace.

On to the bad stuff: This bass has, without a doubt, the worst pickups of any bass I have ever owned and pretty much every bass I have ever played. With both pickups on I get a fairly usable tone but with either soloed... ****... jesus... my ears... etc... This isn't too much of a problem as, although I can't get replacements (thank you Yamaha,) I might send the pickups of to the Wise Old Wizard to get them rewound into something better. Obviously the "bent piece of scrap metal" of a bridge, so typical of this sort of bass, is easy to replace.
So.. Why did you get it then? If there is so much bad about it.. You could always save more money for an even better bass.
Gear pics

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Bass Parts resource sells Chroms pickup rings for P and J style pups, buy some pickups from them or elsewhere and use the covers to hide the weird pickup styles routs.

Edit: Go to guitar fetish and buy a piece of Tort pickguard material make yourself a big round MM style guard and fit whatever pups you want in it. and one of their high mass bridges
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Looks sweet Jon, I considered a bass exactly like that about 4 years ago when I was in oxford for a weekend.
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My old high school had one of these in the jazz band. Sounded fairly good, except for the neck, it warped in a short period of time. Solid bass though.
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