Here's Why..

I'm Looking for a bluesy/Rock guitar, i really don't want to spend anymore then 900-1000 bucks as i dropped a ton on my previous guitars...

I don't wanna spend a lot as this will be my Bang around guitar that i take everywhere...

Was thinking about Telecaster of some sort...
LP Studio
SG Faded

So on...
I'm really anal when it comes to the binding on the neck... as per body i like the lighter guitars, but i find the lighter guitars likes sg's don't carry a bassy tone... i like to feel the guitar resonate in my chest/stomach when i play helps me feel the guitar.
i've played SG's, Tele's, Strat's, LP's, i just have a really hard time picking i like parts about certain guitars, and dislike part about certain guitars haha.
DROOL now those are SICK! haha now ima have a hard time deciding between hollow or non hollow haha. thanks man!
the JA-90 is a brilliant guitar. it sounds tele like, but it really has a rather distinct voice. definitely worth a shot
I don't have a JA-90 specifically, but my semi-hollow with P-90s Tele rip-off does have a really big sound while still cutting through. So yeah, I'd recommend trying one of those if you can, sounds like might do all the stuff you're after.

You could also keep an eye out for a TC-90, always fancied one of those

You said bluesy/rock, why are you looking at SGs? Thats about the price of an american standard strat.