ok pit, im looking at colleges and i really want to continue on with my guitar in college. i also want to get a degree in business so i have something to fall back on. playing in band already, i know how hard it is to earn a decent living. is it possible for me to double major in both jazz studies and business?? when i ask colleges, they say i can do it, but has anybody here done it? i wanna know what im getting myself into. thanks
im doing it starting in the fall it might be more work but hey if you love music but dont trust the music business to make aliving off of its what you gotta do

but im doing a major in electrical engineering
Sounds plausible to me. Would be difficult, but do-able if you are willing to put in the effort. I have no experience with either major personally. But, from talking to friends, be prepared for music to almost suck up all of your time completely. I suppose that business would be one of the better majors to pair with it. From observing people I know in it, it appears to be one of the least time-consuming majors (at least at my school).

I would say go for it. Worst-case scenario, you drop one or change majors. Either way you'll learn something. It will be a large amount of work, but if it is what you really want to do, then it is worth it.
Yes you can. Talk to your adviser about it. A route I would recommend taking is minoring in Jazz Studies (unless you're looking to go to prestigious school known for its music program) and majoring in business.

Go in undeclared though, it will make the process easier. The advisers there are trained to help you get to the major(s) you want.
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It's totally doable. I'm doing double major in Business Administration and Accounting. And I also minor in Psychology. And yes, I still have a life. I still manage to have time to play guitar, have a job, and participate in my sorority. The key is to make sure you make a long term plan with your advisor
Depends on how tough your college is..
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It would be difficult, but it is possible. Good luck if you want to do both
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I'm doing one major and 2 associates but that's because they have similar clases (Computer Engineering major and Computer Science and computer systems and networks) I was going to do 2 major but it was very expensive.
Good advice I have for you: when you get to college, talk to your adviser about any events that can help you with time management. If you want to double major, that's twice the amount of work you'll have to do, and you must manage time well in order to do this (well). It's not tough to do, but events around campus will help LOADS.
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Thanks guys for the help, definitely sealed the deal for what i want to do. any more advice is appreciated