ok, im looking at colleges and i really want to continue on with my guitar in college. i also want to get a degree in business so i have something to fall back on. playing in band already, i know how hard it is to earn a decent living. is it possible for me to double major in both jazz studies and business?? when i ask colleges, they say i can do it, but has anybody here done it? i wanna know what im getting myself into. thanks (btw sorry if this is in the wrong section, a lot of the pit guys dont understand jazz and going to college for it....)
Hey dude! I did 4 years in college, and though I didn't do music OR business, I know people who did each of them separately, and I know people who double majored...

Business is often thought of as one of the easy majors/degrees to get... this is what a lot of college athletes pick, so technically they ARE students.

Music, on the other hand, is very demanding... both in time and workload. I have played a few instruments for over 10 years, so I knew lots of music majors... it's not easy, but it sounds like that's where you want your focus to be.

I would say go for it. Unfortunately not a lot will overlap between the 2 majors, except gen eds, but if you are dedicated and hard-working (both of which you SHOULD be to go to college in the first place!!), you will be just fine!

And another tidbit, neither of these majors requires a super-high GPA to graduate... it's not like pre-med or law.... BUT you'll still want to aim high so you can set yourself up for success in graduate school, should you decide to go that route!
thanks for the advice man, im an honors student taking multiple ap courses in highschool. im up to the challenge haha