It's probably a rubbish guitar, but I quite like the look of it, so for aesthetics alone I'd pay 30
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We would need more than that. But I would pick it up anyway. It's always nice to have an old, cool looking beater laying around. Even if it's just wall art.
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a bigger pic that shows the guitar straight on, plus a pic of the headstock or one inside the soundhole would be helpful.

honestly considering what guitars cost, on the one hand, you can't go far wrong at $30 'cause it's just $30. on the other hand, it could need a neck reset, which could cost hundreds, or have cracked wood which would need to be stabilized. it looks like some kind of stella or harmony, which are low enders but some like them, but others were made that look similar. don't expect it to sound good - that would be unlikely. and if it doesn't have a double action truss rod - and it's a good bet it won't - you may not be able to adjust the neck.

or it could be okay for now, and make a good beater.

no way to know without trying it, and the brand wouldn't make any difference as to whether it's playable or not, or whether it has issues.
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