Do you have a problem with compilation albums? My friends think they're stupid because you hear one song by the band and dont really gain much from listening to the song, personally if i like that song ill buy the bands album. Im in favour of compilations because you get to hear stuff from lots of different bands.
Does anyone have any views on compilation albums?
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I usually hate them because I don't usually like any given two bands that sound similar. I'll like one and hate the other, so they're really not good for me.
If they have a theme, I like them. If they're used as a sampler of an artist, I really like them. If they're a bunch of songs thrown haphazardly together, I'll make my own compilation, thanks.

Relatedly, I can't stand how many compilation albums use the radio cuts. This is an album, I can get it on old compilations from the vinyl era, but just make it double-disc and give the full damn song.

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I've been in a habit of making a ton of compilation CDs recently. I like them.
Depends on the songs. If it's like a workout compilation or something with songs to listen to while your working out then it's fine. If it's random songs taken out of context, like a track from a concept album like DSoTM then it's retarded.

Ecstasy & Wine is a great compilations of MBV's early EPs (and just ever-so-slightly easier to get a hold of), Eponymous has some great original single versions of some of REM's early album hits and b-sides, and the first disc of Sand In The Vaseline: Popular Favorites is the best introduction to Talking Heads (a little bit of disc 2, but then it trails off to some not-so-good breakup-era stuff).

But then there are compilations like Blur: The Best Of which completely ignores the first half of their discography, The Replacements's Don't You Know Who I Think I Was? which is listed chronologically but the batches of songs are put in weird mood/thematic order (it seems like it would have been easier to just list them in the same order they were in on their respective albums), and Death To The Pixies, which contains some dubious picks.

I think a lot of the complaints are the band's decision though (Blur's in particular).
Everyone seems to be listing best of albums and the sort, a compilation is lots of different bands is it not?
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The only compilation albums that I actually listen to are ones done on UG

I'm usually more of a 'listen to an entire album, and not a song' kind of person.