My current rig is in signature. Only change is tomorrow I'm getting rid of my JCA and getting a Peavey Classic 50 head. Awhile back I had a Vox AC4TV, and I loved everything about it aside from the lack of wattage. I've toyed with the idea of getting one again because one of the bands I play in usually practices in an apartment and it's nice to have something small to carry around. My question is, if I'm in a situation where it's plausible to be completely mic'ed up, would I gain anything from running thru both the AC4TV and the Peavey Classic 50 in stereo? I wanted to look at something to run them both through the same cab, but the cheapest option I can find to do that is the Radial pedal, and thats probably too expensive to be worth it.

Thoughts or suggestions?
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get an effects pedal like the boss gt-10 or something that can switch between the two outputs so you can have both running at the same time or will mute one or the other, i plan on doing that with a mesa half stack and roland jc-120 one day, it works really well. I'm doing it with two mini half stacks right now it's pretty sweet. I can't guarantee this is safe because A/B boxes exist for a reason but i haven't had trouble yet.
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Mic up the AC4TV and run your signal clean into it. Run everything else through the Peavey, put a few feet between them on stage and you should have something that sounds a little "wider". Can't see any reason it wouldn't work. Depends onthe genre; you'll end up with an effected tone (or whatever you run through the Peavey - clean, drive etc...) and a permanent overdriven tone from the Vox(I'd suggest running it nearly full bore and having it mixed live a little lower than the Peavey).
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You need that radial pedal if you want to run them through the same speaker/cab. You can't just use a normal AB/Y box between the amp and cabinet.

If you just cut one amp (ie. hit A/B), you'll likely blow the power section, because it doesn't have an appropriate load. If you run the two amps together(ie. Y), the output section of the other amp will alter the impedance of the circuit, and probably lead to the same result.

You need something like that Radial Cab switcher, which will put a dummy load on the amp that isn't going to the cab at the time.

Given that the Ac4 is a combo, anyway, though, you're better off just mic-ing both amps, and using an AB/Y to swap between the inputs of each amp.
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