It's just me playing acoustic guitar, this is the first legit piece I've actually completed. It is rather Tull inspired. Thanks in advance for any comments!
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Nice! all of those parts go really well together, really smooth playing, and a lot of simple cool riffs. If you're not comfortable with singing, you should probably find a singer and play some open mic's or something because you can write some cool peaces of music!
Really nice arrangement dude... I'm in the same boat as you with regards to singing, I wouldn't inflict my voice on anyone so I do the exact same as you and let the guitar sing for me Love when you bring the strumming in, gives the song a really nice feel and there is a cool pattern and rhythm to it!

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This sounds great, the intro is incredibly relaxing.
If you ever decide to record this, try adding some strings. I image even 1 Cello could make this song so much more awesome. If you want to keep it one solo guitar, then maybe you can try too shorten it.
It think it can get reptetitive for some people, however I loved every second of it.
The name is awesome too

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Sounds awesome. It;s smooth, but not as smooth as I would imagine this to be. Everything flows well. Nice guitar tone. The strumming adds so much to the piece. I really like this. Hope you record this sometime. I wonder how the final piece would sound. There's a lot you can do with this. Great playing. Very original too. Excellent melodies. Vocals would do this track so much more. Find yourself a good singer and start working it out. Keep it up!

i agree with everyone else. you should get some kind of melody line going, or a singer. It sounds good as it is, but i believe it only sounds good to other players lol. There needs to be a melody line to keep it all together, otherwise it won't hold someone's attention

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