Hey guys.

This is a work in progress I started today, I am thrilled with how it is turning out, However, any creative input/constructive criticism would be awesome

Some of the arpeggiated chords, upon recording, could be taken up by synth pads, or even Piano. I will worry about that if and when I come to making this properly.

Other than that I hope you enjoy!
Sounds a whole lot better in 4/4. Sure, it's progressive, meaning it has to have other time signatures, I do like music with weird time signatures but at least to me this sounds like it should be in 4/4. Bar 1, 2, 3 and 4 sound like they're being cut off too soon, I'm sure others will think differently, but I don't get the best feeling I can out of this, or something like that which makes more sense, lol

It does sound great nonetheless though! Hope you'll at least consider the first few bars in 4/4
this Is Nice dude. The drums could use a little of a change up. think about how it would sound if it was properly recorded with that same cymbal crashing time after time after time, it would cause a wirrd droning effect that would draw the ear away from the other parts, this happens ALOT with the snare in a lot of bands, it dominates and that's all i can focus on.

as for the composition it actually reminds me a lot of Textures, which is a great thing, their one of my favorite progressive bands and the time sigs flow pretty well, so great job on that!