well pretty much thats the question. I have 600$ that i was planning to spend on a POD but now my mind is thinking of other things to spend the money on.

and a have a second question, If i got a roland JC-77 or JC-90; could i run a mic into it for vocals to practice at band practice? because Ive been writing alot of clean riffs/progressios lately and Ive always adored the JC-120's tone (even besides metallicas use of it) and would love to own one, and theres a couple in my area going for 350$ or less. another reasoning for the JC over the POD for me are that it has the 2 clean effects id use the most: chorus and reverb.

The POD i wouldve used for clean tones with chorus and reverb and head phone practice and maybe some recording with something like audacity.

the 7 string would be something pretty cheap like an Ibanez RGA 7 and then id have to hold on abit for new pickups.

so which would you guys chose? Im GASing pretty hard for the amp and the POD but for now can only get one
Well, decide this...

Which do you NEED more? or which would you USE more?

I personally would get a 7, because I love 7's. I don't ever plan on buying another 6 now that I've had a taste of the 7 strings of wonder I love my Agile to death..

But, what amp are you using right now? Maybe having a POD would be a much better choice if it'd be an upgrade..
my current amp is fine, its a peavey 6534+ stack. its not like anything NEEDS upgrading.

and Im only kinda GASing for a 7string for mainly playing Triviums album shogun, and adding some capabilities to my clean riffs/progressions
Quote by TheAbsentOne
Well, decide this...

Which do you NEED more? or which would you USE more?

This, it doesn't really sound like you know what you want. It seems more like a 'I have money; and I want to spend it, but I don't know what to buy'
In which case I'd say keep the money, and work out what you want before buying anything.

Saying that, I wouldn't get the pod unless you are going to take full advantage of it. I find it's clean tones a little sterile, and would only get it if you were really going to use it for more than just cleans.
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None of the above. Sounds to me that what you really need is a small PA.
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yea we do, but Thats gonna be an investment for my entire band. not something i just buy, and the band uses.

And for the POD, when I go to Uni in a year, i can use the pod for practice at night/when my peavey is too much. Im probably over thinking it, and will probably just buy the POD i think because I was thinking about getting that from the beginning.