Before you read I would like to say if this is in wrong section please move it, I wasnt sure where to post this.

Ive been stumped on playing lately. And a replay of Megaman X got me into trying to learn some of the boss's songs. I got a few down. I also can play Redemption (dirge of Cerberus), and super mario theme. I am posting this because I need recommendations of songs that that are preferably from an older video game. Learning a song that brings back memories is really awesome. I want to learn more. Ive played alot of video games. So just throw out an intermediate song and ill try >.<
How old does the game have to be?

A good bit of Sonic Adventure 1's music is fun as hell to play on guitar (especially "Open Your Heart"). Mainly because Jun Senoue is a fucking god (and extremely underrated).

You could also try any of the older genesis-era Sonic games, Sonic CD in particular, as that one featured actual guitar recordings.
"Otherworld" from Final Fantasy X. It plays during the Blitzball CG movie at the beginning.
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The Boss theme from Final Fantasy 7.

I feel like FF Games are going to be a popular response here.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
Guitar Hero.
On a serious note, I really like the music in Techno Kitten Adventure.

Where's Waldo?

wileys theme from megaman 2. this song is pro.


ETA: every song on the quake 2 soundtrack ****ing owns. especially this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THcQhZxtiDo
and this one
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Song Of Storms from the Zelda series is really fun to jam on if you have a looper. me and my band do a more metal cover of it when our singer needs a break.
Pretty much any song from FFVII. Aerith's Theme and Vincent's Theme in particular are fun if played fingerstyle.
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I always thought F Zero X had an amazing soundtrack, this one in particular I like:


Only thing is I think that it's in some odd tuning, it seems to me he's not quite in E Standard or Eb. o_O Also, Final Fantasy and Legend Of Zelda are both good games to learn stuff from IMO, I love Final Fantasy IX's soundtrack.

EDIT:I forgot Doom. How could I forget Doom? *facepalm*Go learn some Doom tunes, for sure. Some of the tracks are ripped from actual songs(E3M1 or E3M3 is part of Behind The Crooked Cross by Slayer, and there's some Pantera in there too, I believe), but most of it's original, and I think there's some killer stuff in there.
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+1 to the Contra suggestion above
I'd suggest Castlevania - Bloody Tears! You go and learn it NOW!
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Castlevania - Stage 1 (the original Castlevania)
Contra - Jungle Theme, a few others
Doom - all of it


Lee Jackson - Grabbag
anything from the early twisted metal games - their soundtracks had an interesting hair-metal vibe going on
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