Hey all, I have a beautiful 12 string guitar that was bought used. I've been playing guitar for 3 years, very consistently. Anyways, I was changing strings on the 12 string and as I was clipping off the excess, I accidentally (or Stupidly) put the cutters over the string that was in the tuning peg already. Luckily it didn't cut the string fully, but it did dent it. Basically what happened was the string looks like how excess string looks when you try to cut it but the pliers are dull, and you end up with the string not being cut in two but weaker at the point where you tried to cut it. My question is, how long could the string last like this and is there any way to strengthen it? Thanks!! Just bought the strings yesterday and I wanna make em last at least until summer is out in august.
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If you're really paranoid, check what gauge string that is. Go to the shop and buy a single string.
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look at the string package, find the gauge of the string you damaged, go to the music store and buy one string of that gauge

then replace it or wait until it breaks to replace it

single strings are cheap

that's basically it