Anyone tried an ES Taylor in a Sedona with & without the ES option? I'm curious if it is worth it or not and how it effects the tone.

Yes. I have one. You can check out my profile pics if you'd like. I'm using it with my Taylor 314CE and Koa T5. If you have any of the guitars with the ES pickup system, it's worth it. The balanced inputs on both the low and high jacks work quite well - no hum and nothing but guitar.

Mine didn't come with a manual, but you can now download the new manual from Rivera's website. Also, no slip cover is provided, but Studio Slips makes a decent one - I paid the extra $5 and got the brown cover, which matches my amp. Read several reviews before buying mine that said no manual was included, so this must be normal.

For grins, I was looking for the Sedona 112 Extension cabinet, but nobody seems to carry them. I'm curious as to how much they cost.

Bottom line, get the ES option if you own, or plan to own any of the Taylor ES guitars.

Edit: Both the ES and non-ES have the same tone. The ES option just adds the balanced input, which matches the balanced output of the Taylor ES guitars. Balanced audio keeps the signal clean and you can run longer cables.
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Awesome! Thanks for the input! I found a great deal on a used one without the ES option so I went for it. I may see if Rivera will add the ES after trying it out for a bit. It seems this is something they should just be able to add on. Not sure if it will have a cover, but I'll be getting one if not. Not sure which speaker I'm hoping for! Seems the Celestion is better for electric and JBL for acoustic? I'm planning on using this amp for both!