Ive played drums for about a year and a half now, and Ive always played stuff like The fall of troy, La Dispute, etc. My favorite band ever is Rush and Led Zeppelin and I feel like I need to start learning some covers of both bands to build chops and open me up to different things other than post-hardcore/progressive. I also think learning other things will help me write better originals. Any ideas of what songs specifically to learn? please and thank you.
Since I've Been Loving You
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Those are some good Zeppelin songs to learn from.
I can only listen to so many breakdowns and "spoken word" vocals before I wanna puke.

I find Jennette McCurdy attractive, but Elizabeth Gillies and Debby Ryan much more so.

That's enough, Djent people. We get it.
Bonham=My main study, I worship anything this guy did that involved hitting something.

When The Levee Breaks - A good starting place, at least the second (other than Immigrant Song, the lick which probably every drummer knows).

The Rover - Hell of a fun one to play, nothing too hard.

Black Dog - Good simple intro to some odd-times in this one...

The Crunge - Goody, but a bugger to learn...Playing this one will put a smile on your face

Dazed & Confused - Good workout with triplets, and if you plan to get into Bonham, you'll need to be prepared to put in extra time getting your triplets smooth.

Good Times, Bad Times - My FAV zeppelin song to play, huge showoff tune. Again with triplets, but on the bass...will give your foot a major workout to get up to speed. If you can play this one smooth, including working the hi-hats throughout, you should be proud

Poor Tom - Easy, and incredibly fun...I could play it all day

Also, when learning Bonham, really open your ears. Listen to how he interacts with music, like why he plays what he does when he does. That is what sets this guy apart, he played for the song big-time. He'd lock onto the bass, but play around with the guitar and vocals too. Another trick he did was to play slightly behind the beat, tough trick to learn but will really help out when covering Zep tunes.