Looking for a really good hard/heavy rock tone, and a head that is able to do great cleans as well as metal distortion. I'm leaning towards the thunder, since I have an OCD and that's basically a "marshall in a box", and because orange is famous for "out-marshalling marshall." Any thoughts? (ps i'm open to any orange or marshall amps less than 1000 usd new or used)
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Oranges sound very different to Marshalls.

What used Marshall did you have in mind? A JCM 800 would be very good for hard and heavy rock.

Or you could also go for a Marshall DSL 50 or something, or even a Vintage Modern.
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The problem i may have with marshalls is that 50-100 watts is probably overkill for gigs less than "large park" size... I've played marshalls in small rooms before and it's like they bust your eardrums AND you can't hear them at the same time... But if the tone is better on a marshall, then I am willing to compromise. How does a Dual Terror or Thunder 30 compare to a DSL-50? (which is the only marshall that is really in my price range).
The difference between 30W and 50W is nothing. And in large outdoor gigs you can get away with bigger amps but they are the last place you actually need them. The amp's job is to sound good and some of us like them to be loud enough to hear over the drums without relying on foldback but their job is NOT to fill the venue, that's the PA's job.
Forget about the 30W vs 50W smeg, it's irrelevant. Either are loud enough to get over drums. Get the one that has the right sound. Try them out and buy the one you like the sound of. That's all there is to it.
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