I can't believe I've gone this long without ever owning a fuzz..... and boy does this little guy make me regret not having one sooner:

It's the jhs mini foot!

Don't let the name confuse you.... the sound is HUGE. I actually got it based on a few friends who said it is one of the best sounding fuzzes to use in a live show, and from having played with it a bit I definitely agree.

2 knobs, volume and fuzz. Volume is unity at about 12 o clock. The fuzz knob ranges greatly... at about 1/3 up it gives off a great vintage tone.... I had to bust out the strat and play some Jimi.

Increasing the fuzz past noon yields awesome, chewy, velco-like crunch with deep bass and plenty of mids. All the way cranked, it gets lovely, messy and splattery.

Mini shot:

Current gigging board (minus fuzz):

nice board, i have the ocd too, i use a fuzz face for my psychedelic needs, looking at getting a zvex fuzz factory too
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Thanks man! It's my tribute to pint sized pedals.... plus it's easy to drag around!

I have yet to make my gigging board totally miniaturized though.... I have yet to find a better overdrive than the OCD, and the flashback is just soooo versatile and fun to use with all of the different settings.
HNPD love the mini pedal board.

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Nice looking newbie - and I like the idea of slim pedals...

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The mini pedals are oddly mesmerizing...
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Nice pedal board! HNFD!
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