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This occured to me the other day..There are few people in metal who can hit the screaming high notes vocally. Now, I've narrowed it down to a few. And I wanna know from you guys, who's is better, higher, you name it. I just want opinions.

Rob Halford - Judas Priest, Halford.

King Diamond - Mercyful Fate, King Diamond.

Myles Kennedy - Alterbridge, Work with Slash.

Geoff Tate - Queensryche.

It's a short-brained list, I know. But outta these 4, who's better?
Higher =/= better. I hate this mindset, becuase it discourages basses/lower pitch singers from learning.
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Higher =/= better. I hate this mindset, becuase it discourages basses/lower pitch singers from learning.

Not only that, but if higher = better...mariah carey would be good XD
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ITT: people posting there favorite singers.
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Dani Filth

Seriously, he gets into the girl range with his screams sometimes.




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Matt Belamy? Thom Yorke?
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King Diamond has beastly highs.

Also this thread is lacking in Stu Block
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Of those, it's hard to say really but I agree with people saying Michael Sweet.

On a semi-related note: the singer in my band's Jim Gilette scream - Link
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Wait... no one mentioned Axl Rose??
Every time I hear Axl Rose sing, I'm scared his throat is going to break open. His technique sounds painful.

Also, Daniel Gildenlöw from Pain of Salvation can hit G5.
You neglected Phil Anselmo?
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I'm gonna go with Tony Harnell here.
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Michael Kiske and Andre Matos. They pwn every singer mentioned in this thread. Period.

P.S.: higher doesn't mean better.
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