Lately I've really been trying to improve the sound quality of my music, but I think I've hit a wall recently and the only advice I am getting is just for trial and error, but it seems at this point anything i change just makes it worse. I've put together this mix: http://soundcloud.com/lights-4/mix-test-metal to show the best sound I can get. One particular thing that stands out to me is how harsh the guitar tone is, is there any way to tighten it up by EQ'ing to get rid of some of the harsher frequencies? Please leave any thoughts on how I can be improving this mix, thanks.

edit: I'm aware that the song seems really rushed, this is just something i put together for mixing purposes
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Don't do anything to that guitar tone! I love it.
I can only listen to so many breakdowns and "spoken word" vocals before I wanna puke.

I find Jennette McCurdy attractive, but Elizabeth Gillies and Debby Ryan much more so.

That's enough, Djent people. We get it.
i can't get too indepth because i'm listening through subpar laptop speakers but i can say that every thing comes in clear, and doesn't overpower anything else. Pretty good mix.