Hey UG community, I love writing songs and I think I'm actually good at it so I want you to tell me what you honestly think of my first home recording. The biggest issue I have though with my songwriting is my voice. I kinda like it with acoustic but if I want to make it as a pop-punk musician that's not going to be enough and I just want to know: Is my singing as bad to you as it is to me? I don't like my voice, I think it's boring, unproffesional, and just not that great in general. But also keep in mind that I'm a 15 and a half year old boy so maybe I have time? I dont know.... Please honestly tell me what you think of both my voice, and the song in general. All constructive criticism is greatly appreciated Just look at my signature for a link I'll C4C if you want
You've got a pretty generic pop-punk voice. Whether you take that as a good thing or bad thing is up to you. It's got that speaking-voice tone to it; reminds me of Blink-182 (I don't listen to pop-punk, so that's the first pop-punk band I could think of that you sound a bit like.)

While it's not my cup of tea, it sounds like you've got a decent foundation for pop-punk vocals. My only real suggestion is try to sound more original. For some it comes with time, but I know some vocalists who never learned to stop singing like their favorite bands, and it ruins their originality.

Oh, and this isn't the place to be posting this. A mod will surely be locking this thread soon.
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oh really sorry I figured songwriting and stuff coincided with my recordings but I guess I should re post this somewhere else haha, and yeah I get the Blink comment alot and I'm trying to break out of it but the truth of the matter is, is that's how I sing and that's what I sound like, I'm not as harsh at Blinks vocals but I do fit into that cliche sound.... But thanks for the input I'm trying every day to bring out "my" sound