So, lately I've branched off from my traditional style (more classic rock and such) and gone into garage rock and punk. I watched videos of nick valensi and I saw CJ ramone from the ramones tonight(!!) in a show and i noticed that both his guitarist (who was the producer of the ramones!!!) and valensi grip their power chords weird.

Usually, what I do is this:

index, ring, pinky, all pressed down with index slightly barred to mute lower strings. middle finger up.

What I noticed is that most of these guitarists(and others too) put ALL of their fingers on the strings. I can't figure out how to do that reliably! where does the middle finger go? is it resting on the low e? when I do that I end up muting the a string. It kind of works when playing e string barre chords but otherwise I screw it up. also, is the pink and ring playing the 5th and the octave? or is one barring both? which one?

grip is visible in 1:08 of this video
Looks to me like he's fretting the root with his index, 5th with his pinky and allowing the middle and ring fingers to sort of flop over. I don't think he's playing the octave.
There's no need to change the way you play power chords, index, ring, pinky is perfectly fine.
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Okay.. thought i was doing it wrong.

here's cj doing it:


Yeah, it's really clear in that video that the middle and ring fingers aren't fretting anything, they're just slightly curled over the top of the neck.
Speed is a by-product of shut the fuck up.
Hmmm.. Never really seen it before. But I learned chords without ever watching anyone. Is my way okay or is that way more versatile? I can see it working for a form power chords (as the fretting is so close already), but for e form power chords my way seems to be better cause I can drop my middle and I'm there(same for a minor form)