Hey UG community, I love writing songs and I think I'm actually good at it so I want you to tell me what you honestly think of my first home recording. The biggest issue I have though with my songwriting is my voice. I kinda like it with acoustic but if I want to make it as a pop-punk musician that's not going to be enough and I just want to know: Is my singing as bad to you as it is to me? I don't like my voice, I think it's boring, unproffesional, and just not that great in general. But also keep in mind that I'm a 15 and a half year old boy so maybe I have time? I dont know.... Please honestly tell me what you think of both my voice, and the song in general. All constructive criticism is greatly appreciated Just look at my signature for a link I'll C4C if you want
You arent the best singer but you arent the worst. You were a bit flat on some parts. Usually the ending of a line, but overall it was decent. Your style is very similar to Tom Delongs (I hope your guitar style isnt like his)
Alright thanks for the advice, yeah after I uploaded it I noticed the little parts where I could've done better but yeah thanks for that. And I hope I don't have his guitar style either haha, but yeah I'm working on trying to make my voice more original but it's hard to do when there are so many musicians out there, my voice is naturally kinda like Toms :/
Not bad at all. A little iffy in some spots, but in general I think you did a good job. I wouldn't call your voice unprofessional, but I would say it is unoriginal, though it does fit the style of music you are writing. Don't mean to sound like a dick, it's just that a lot of pop punk is pretty much talking/yelling in whatever key the song is in, but at least you are doing it well, lol. Maybe taking vocal lessons and actually trying to sing would open up more options for you if you are not currently happy with the way you sound.
Its good man, if its pop punk you dont really have to sing it like an operetta, maybe just learn a little vibrato so the ends sound a little bit less flat but it isnt that important.Its good, you could be quite succesfull.Good lyrics as well.
Also listened to your second thing and its also pretty good, nice backing vocals use.Its also you singing them right?
MrBillion: Yes it is me singing all of them, I'm still working on putting a band together but so far no luck :/ everyone wants to be "doctors" out here, silly right :P
And thanks all to the feed back, after listening to it again I see what you mean, I've just started to develop my vibrato and I'm still getting used to using it at will so hopefully I'll get a new better one up soon in the next little while