can someone help me choose better pickups for my ironbird one? the stock humbuckers arent good enough as they have a little noise on them and the bridge pickup just isnt as good for pinch harmonics. i really wanted emg 81 and 85 but i had no idea if i can install them in my guitar or not as they are active pickups and the stock pickups are passive.
a little help please?
Yes you can install the EMGs in your guitar, but you'll have to change the input socket, and your tone + volume pots.
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Budget about 300, genre mostly metal (hence the bc rich!) Current gear is a zoom g1next and a digitech death metal pedal with a stranger ns30e amp. Is the rewiring gonna be easy? I'm kind of a noob at this stuff :/
Deathbucker!... or seymore duncan blackouts they both have more out put and less hum then your run of the mill emg. Both of which have solderless systems and would be a great swap out. I prefere the blackouts. The rewiring is pretty easy just follow the diagram. If you have any issuse the people at these companies are pretty good about helping you out. They all run about $200 for the set up.
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look into bareknuckle, dont necessarily need to go active for metal tones.
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