Hey guys,

I am wondering whether to purchase a Hohner Viper Professional ST.. I am in south africa and the guitar is a second hand bargain.. It goes for R1550 in SA, which will be about 230 us dollars... I might knock a bit off the price aswell and it comes with a hardcase. I am a big metal and shredding fan, and this guitar certainly meets the criteria...

Heres the discription:

Awesome 90's shredder's guitar with super slim maple neck and Floyd Rose style locking system.
Excellent all round condition
Hard case included

I wonder whether i should buy this or not.. it will function as an extra guitar alongside my other gear just for practise. Cons are, i cannot find much on the internet about it allthough there is another version with a reptile skin paint finish and sharktooth inlays..

Let me know what you think.. Thanks
Sounds like a good deal since I doubt you could buy a super strat like that for only $200. Just make sure to try it out if you can. If you like it, go for it.