Hi again, im back with another dumb question that i cant quite figure out so i figured i would turn to the people who have helped me best!

So, again i plan on getting a Peavey Valveking 212. An odd question it is, but would i be able to put a 2x12 cabinet with this to make it similar to a halfstack? I dont want to mess up the amp by trying, last time i plugged an amp into a speaker it was my line 6 spider II head into a monitor and it blew... so if anyone can give me some 2x12 (CHEAPER) cabinets that would go well with this amp i would appreciate it! thanks a bunch!

You might be wondering "Why not just get the halfstack and be done with it?" well this is mostly because i found a really nice deal on a Peavey vk 212 and i want to keep it on the cheaper side of things, if i had the $1000 to get the halfstack i sure would but i dont.
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You can connect any other cabinet to it aslong as the impedances match up (8ohms out to 8ohms mono cab for example) and the wattage of the cabinet isnt too low (the higher wattage the safer it is to run at full volume, in general; the same wattage as the amp or higher)

What I actually am wondering, is why do you need a halfstack?
It won't be any louder, it will be more of a pain to transport, cost more etc.
If your going for a cabinet, you should save up and get a high quality 2x12, with say V30's if your a metal player, and use this for micing your amp up, recordings etc, as it will sound better than the combo. But if you go for a cheaper cab it will probably sound worse than the combo, and in general be a bit shite
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i just want to have it louder but if thats not the case than i dont need it lol. but if a high quality one would make it sound better i might do that later on. i dont know a whole lot about amps... lol i normally just go in and play on them, i never really look at what goes into it and what you can do with them really.
Yeah thats fair enough. Adding extra speakers technically shouldnt increase volume at all if I remember rightly, its just because theres more air movement and as a result will seem a little bassier in person, but with a mic it doesnt.

A Peavey VK is all tube and I assume the combo is 50 watts. I run a 50 watt all tube into a 2x12 and to run above 5 in a reasonably big room requires proper ear protection haha.
Mesa/Boogie Studio Pre | Marshall EL34 50/50 Power | Harley Benton 2x12 V30's

How do you like, your mids in the morning?
Yeah, that wouldn't be a problem, but again, it won't make much of a difference volume-wise. It will however move more air.
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