I like it, kinda sounds like it should be on the soundtrack for heroes or something.Quite creative.Maybe a bit long and repetitive with all the effects, the second part where you start playing the background solos sounds a bit weird, but it is actually quite interesting.
No worries man its cool, i wish i had pedals.Its great man you could get somewhere with it, even though its not really for playing live, it should really be on the soundtrack of a sci fi movie or series.Seriously, look into that.
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hey thanks man. if i even knew where to start i would do that haha. well if you dont have a lot of money for pedals, check into getting a processer. comes preloaded with tons of tones and you can get a decent one for around the price of 2 to 3 regular pedals, though it doesnt allow as many options for each effect. ya i thought about doing this live...there are so many layers that i recorded, also a lot of it was spontaneous... but thanks for your interest man.