I have to ask you a tab for the song Romance no Kamisama, of Marty Friedman (it's a arrangement of a japanese band). You can listen to the song here.

I only found the original version on a jap site but I think its different...
Please would some of you tab it? If you haven't got a lot of time I only request acoustic chords and the main guitar melody, I don't need all tab.
I own Tuxguitar, so I accept both GPro and Power Tab format or even a pdf.

Thanks to everyone.
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Please anyone I really want to learn it..... I just can't say what is that song for me...I'm mainly a metal lover but I listen to blues, fusion, jazz, acoustic and rock too and this song make me understand what are feelings in music...

There are a lot of great players here that can tab in a second... Could anyone try?