Hi everybody, ive been playing for 2 years and yesterday I felt like playing "Wolf and Raven´s intro by Sonata Arctica. It took me some time to learn but it wasnt really difficult. The problem is everytime i play it my pinky starts hurting, like it is sore *im not really good at explaining this * and after a while I have to stop because it starts hurting everytime I hit a string. Anyone knows the cause of this? I never had pinky problems and I use it quite a lot in my playing, my guitar is a Epihone Special II (if it helps)
*By the way, im not sure if this is the right place to post this*
This should be in guitar techniques really.

That being said: look at your posture, specifically the angle of your wrist, if it's angled too much then that could easily explain what's going on there.

If you correct your technique (read the stickies in GT) and the pain persists then go to a doctor, they'll be able to help you infinitely more than anyone on the internet will.
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