Any one know any good pieces to practice 3 finger finger picking?

3 finger as in: Thumb, Index, Middle, Ring.

I am not very good at finger picking, so I plan on doing some classical guitar for like a week.

Currently playing some stuff by Blackmore's Night.


Seriously, if you're not hugely familiar with the technique then Stairway is a pretty damn good introduction to it; it's simple enough that you can pick it up quickly but playing it well is harder than it looks.
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There's a version of Super Mario that starts like this:


I got it from my teacher, who got it from an (apparently) Chinese website. Helped me out a lot, but considering that it seems to be an obscure tab,

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Im needing to practice this as well, Dust in the wind by Kansas is quite good I think.
Hallelujah - Jeff bucklys version.

House of the rising sun maybe?

Hotel california?

That are the easier ones i could come up with of the top of my head.