Hi folks, i'm getting a new guitar soon and its looking like its going to be cheapest on the internet. I live in the UK but i am considering buying from an American site, as it would probably still work out cheaper.
The only problem is i don't know that many American websites :/ i've looked at the main ones like Samash and Guitar Center (which by the way is excellent in that it quotes you all the taxes and shipping there and then) but i was wondering if any of UG's American users could recommend me some cheap websites?
The guitar in question is the Gretsch G5122 (Black), and most places are saying its around $750.
Its a damn shame that Guitar Center don't do Gretsch's

It wouldn't work out cheaper.

If you can even find a dealer that's willing to sell you a name brand guitar from across the pond (most of them don't) then you have crazy shipping to pay, massive import duty and VAT and then you've still got to wait for friggin' ages until it even turns up.

Once you factor all that in... it's about the same price and definitely easier to just buy in the UK. The only reason you should buy from America is if you're getting one of the more obscure Agiles from Rondo or if you're going completely custom and even then there's almost certainly a luthier in this country who'll do the job just as well anyway.
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You really need to examine the shipping costs. It could easily end up costing a LOT more, and I seriously doubt things are any significant amount less in the US. If you absolutely want to import to the UK and are looking for things that are cheaper, you should definitely import from Europe instead. Check out German sites like Thomann and so on, importing from Germany is a lot cheaper than the US and you might save some. But generally, I don't think its' worth it.
Depends on the guitar, If it's an expensive guitar many US Sites do free international shipping. I've bought 3 guitars from Gearhounds and each of them has been like £250-300 cheaper than UK retail...So it can work.
ya shipping is nuts but hears a start:

americanmusical.com (or americanmusicalsupply.com)

if they cant do it probably no one can. have you tried ebay or local classifieds? do you have "craigslist.org" over there?
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well samash said shipping would only be $90 (around £50) and i need to find the price of the guitar to get a quote for import duty ($750 = $211/£130 tax)
The guitar is like £622 over here so its working out at around the same, if i could shave a bit off it then it would work out cheaper.
BTW Thomann is more expensive that any british site for that guitar.
Thanks for the replies! I will check out those few sites now
If I remember correctly 2 of my guitars were around £95 import duty with a case, but the one without a case (in manufacturers box) was around £110-120.

So im not sure but ask if they could take it out of it's original box and package it well in an unmarked box, as I think this would reduce cost as it isn't classed as a 'new' instrument.

Also all my import duty costs were before the VAT rise, so I don't know how much that would affect it?
I would seriously think about having a guitar shipped across an ocean in order to save a few bucks.
Price of guitar in $$$ + Import duty + VAT + Parcelforce handling fee when it enters the UK + risk of the thing getting smashed to pieces on the way and you have to send it back = not worth it.

It's only worth it if it's something rare/vintage/you can't get it here.
is anyone here familiar with musicstore.de? Because if i select the Norway site there is no tax and free international shipping. I'm just not sure if i would be charged customs as it is not technically in the EU :/
am i right in thinking that if i click on the norway bit then it is coming from norway?

EDIT: never mind, when you put in your shipping address it works out the tax
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