Hey guys, i've been playing guitar for a while, but every tab i look its always

G D Em C or others some A, Dm, but i've always been playing on the C scale like only major chords/ minor

but sometimes use my capo when told to..

I wanted to learn a method not using capo

Also i was wondering if i could play more variety or chords, because when i play mine usually are stuck on first 3 frets.. and it sounds REALLY BORING..

i've seen people where they play along all the frets, although its the same song

it sounds MUCH better.

Try Jazz. There is a lot of chords, all different, with weird ones sometimes.
Different voicings? That basically means, different ways of playing chords, to include the same notes, but maybe in a different order. If you search google for a chord search engine, then see how many different ways you can play a chord.

Also, if you haven't already, learn chord construction theory. Theres plenty of good guides on UG, and they give you the knowledge you need to construct your own chord voicings. What could be more individual than that?
You should probably learn barre chords then. Also, if you're looking at chords on UG, I think there's a feature now where you can transpose the songs into a different key. It might up the difficulty for you a bit if you want to do something besides open chords.
well it sounds like you've been learning pretty simple acoustic songs. but, even then, what i would say is in those kind of songs the focus is on the vocals, not the guitar. you cant just play those chords and expect it to be fun, they act as a platform for vocals.

turning those chords into an interesting song is still possible if you're using interesting structures, timings, or using riffs rather than just straight chords on their own.

a lot of bands use the same chords over and over again, because they find new ways of singing over them. look at green day, for example.

in terms of just chords, play barre chords, it's as simple as that. learning the chord inversions around the guitar is just something you have to do. if you're only going to play open chords, then of course you'll need a capo. otherwise, just play the chord wherever you need to, dont use a capo, and barre the damn thing.
sorry my internet has been down for a LONG time,

Im trying to learn some barre chords =]