ok so heres what im thinking if i were to do one:

gibson explorer shape
24 fret ebony 25" or 24.75" scale fret baord
mahogany neck
mahogany body
1/4" maple top
headstock veneer/overlay to match body
neck through
no front pick guard
pearl block inlays (like on a LPC)
gold hardware
reverse headstock
ToM bridge with string thru body
dark green/ ever green stain for the top
tranparent green for the body
gloss finish on the body/headstock
stain finish on the neck

would this be too complicated for a first build?
I found a way to get the fret board pre cut and slotted with a 12" radius, but how difficult is it to insert fret wire?

and for the body, what/where should i order the mahogany?
i can find body blanks but i think theyd be too small and id need a neck blank too.

EDIT: where can i even find a flame maple top big enough for a full sized explorer?
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you're probably going to have to use 2 pieces for it. i really doubt you'll be able to find one piece of maple big enough for the guitar.

i've heard great things about stew mac. look them up if you're in north america.

fret wire isn't too difficult, but if i were you, i might get a second (cheap) preslotted one to practice on
well i knew i would have to use 2 pieces, but where can i find 2 pieces to book match that are that big?

and yea, Im planning to get some of the parts and such from stewmac actually
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reverse headstock

NOOO. Reverse headstock explorer would look so dumb (especially if yo go with that classic hockeystick headstock)
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Sounds good if you can actually build it! Keep us updated, I want to see a step-by-step process. Maaaaybe, could you start keeping a blog about it?
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just a couple things im not decided yet:

putting a PRS style trem/ hard tail bridge on it? (non floating, flush against the body)
adding single ply binding on the body neck and headstock (front and back of body)

and stewmac doesnt have everything i need, where else should i look, i want to order from as few places as possible.
Warmoth literally has almost every part you'll need. The tabs at the top that say, "supplies" and the other one next to it.
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