Pretty ****in amazing!
Id probly buy this cd
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R.I.P Ashley S. Jean
With this style of music, I find that the clean breaks are often the best parts of the songs. That is the case here. That clean break was fantastic and well executed. The distorted guitar lines weren't to my taste. I felt like you focused too much on dissonant intervals and weird time signatures without really developing a sense of direction in the composition.

There's nothing wrong with dissonance and funky times and all that fun, but the bands in this genre who write the best music are the ones who realize that even without melody, a song needs to have a sense of direction. Look at Meshuggah. You definitely have the sort of "angular" aesthetic that they made famous. But what your song lacks is the sort of cohesion that their compositions have. Where they have songs, this really feels like a collection of riffs to me. They're good riffs, but they felt really more self-indulgent than musical to me.

The recording quality is really good. Some people end up distorting the guitars too heavily or over/under compressing them when recording, leaving bass way too low in the mix, and leaving the drums to try to follow awkwardly along with the guitar riffs. That was not the case here. The bass was a little low, but it's tough to mix low tuned, distorted riffs perfectly. The drums were just right and the guitars were just distorted enough that they had a menacing sound without sounding like they were coming out of a smoking MG. Props to you on that.

Thanks for your constructive comment! Always nice
Textures - greatest band ever