I'm a noob when it comes to electric guitars but I've been playing acoustic for close to 8 months now so I thought I'll invest in an electric and I have a few options:
1. Washburn X10
2. ESP Viper 10
3. Greg Bennett MB1
4. Fender Squire California

Are any of these good? I'm clueless and if I get better using one of these I might buy a better one maybe next year. The amps I'm looking at are a Marshall MG10CD or a Laney LX12. If anyone could help me out between these four it would be great. Oh and I'm into rock, metal and blues which I'll be playing once in a while. Thanks!

I'm on a very tight budget so these are the ones which looked okay to me.
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My advice is to buy used. If you buy something for a good price used and don't like it, you can sell it and get your money back. if you buy something new and resell, you will lose about half your money.

check craigslist for stuff in your price range and then read reviews on the available items. good luck
squire or esp out of those, but theres like a bazillion better choices. like agiles from rondomusic.com

as for the amp dont get the MG its garbage. either get a peavy vypyr or a roland cube or a vox vt.

also used gear. use it. much better bang for your buck.
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firstly im 99% certain the "ESP" viper is actually an ltd, ltds are not even close to esps in any way, if it actually is an esp then for the love of god buy it over any of the others. And yeah buy a vypyr or roland cube, mgs just produce the sound of a cow defacating in a box
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first... DONT EVER BUY THE MG!! (nor a line 6 spider, put those names in the thread search and you'll see what i mean...) get a roland cube or a vox...
that said, go to a pawn shop or the used stuff in your local music store, and try not to get anything from squier for now...

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I agree with the idea of getting a used guitar, that way its less fragile and you can get something good for less. Since its gonna be your first electric guitar you'll probably hang on to it for a while cos you'll have learnt alotta your skills on it so make sure you find something durable, it's like the girl you loose your virginity to, you want to keep practicing on her till you get your technique right then its time to move on to something new but you never forget her, so what i'm saying is that it should be a guitar that feels right, looks good and is easy for you use then later on move onto something a little more 'expensive'.
As for your list, i'd go with the Fender or the ESP, they go a long way from my experiences.
Vox VT+ for an amp, since you're looking at playing blues aswell.
I have no recommendations for a guitar, sorry(:
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Yeah I didn't mention the ESP is a ltd so then should I go for the Fender then? But is the Squire reliable its actually a Fat Strat.
For the amp, do not get an MG or a line 6 spider. They both sound horrible. Get a Roland cube. They sound great and are very reliable.
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