haha thanks man. i was trying to write a poem about eyes but i couldn't get anywhere after writing those two lines. after reflecting i realized that those two lines pretty much sum up everything someone could ever want to say about eyes when you really think about it.
I know the rule is 17 syllables and all, but isn't it generally 5-7-5?
However, I did like it, eloquent.
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Damn, way to say a lot with so little! I definitely like this. My only suggestion is to have "Eyes." be the first line as opposed to the last. It just feels like it's too tacked on at the end. At the beginning just seems more natural to me. Also like Mr. Pink said, isn't the syllable count suppose to be 5-7-5 for haikus? I really don't know, but what I do know is that this piece is good. Nice job, man.

I know I gave a short crit, but if you could take a look at me, I would appreciate it.
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It makes a point in limited space which is impressive in itself, but i'm afraid it doesn't really speak to me. There wasn't any of the 'you couldn't change a single word' fragility that marks a truly great haiku here. The concept would have been served just as well or better in a free verse stanza i think.
I would not know about the syllable count but this haiku though telling more in little words does not come across as too clever or refreshing. It just tells of words we have heard a countless times in reference to eyes without providing much of imagery or uniqueness. It was a good try though. Keep practising, you'll get there.