Yes, it's one of these threads again. Sorry.

I want to address my left hand technique, specifically the bending of my wrist.

For both acoustic and electric guitar, I play with classical technique (I adjust to the baseball bat technique for bends and vibrato, however). What I notice is that my left hand wrist bends a lot. Not to the left, nor the right, but straight up. On the G, B, and high-E strings, I would say that my wrist is bent to about a 20-degree angle, while on the D, A, and low-E strings the bend increases to about a 70-degree angle. Note that increase.

I am concerned that this may affect certain aspects of my technique, but, more importantly, the longevity of my guitar playing due to carpel tunnel syndrome or a similar health problem. As of right now, I rarely, if ever, experience pain while playing, and I play a minimum of 2.5 hours a day. On those rare occasions that I do experience pain, it seems to be attributable to tension, which I am usually very conscious about and keep under control.

I mentioned that my wrist bends straight up rather than left or right (though it may bend slightly left or right depending on where my I am fretting) - is there a need for concern with this? If so, what would be a recommended approaching for decreasing the degree of the bend (I have always played with my guitar strapped as high as my strap allows and with the headstock angled about 45 degrees pointing towards the ceiling)?

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