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UG shut down everything (tabs, reviews, and shit), but kept the forums, would you still come to UG?
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I'd be a productive member of society at last.

edit: Should've read the OP.
Yeah I would, tabs are easily available elsewhere anyway.
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Provided the culture of the forums didn't change, sure.
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I haven't actually learned a song that I couldn't figure out by ear in a while, which is probably a bad thing because I don't ever challenge myself.

So yeah, this is the only part of the site I use
I'm almost always on the forums, so yes.(only implying that I never look at anything else here)
yup. i mainly come for the forums and profiles, i don't really get tabs from UG much anymore, because i've been mainly playing banjo. once in a while i'll look up whatever though.
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Yes. The best thing about UG is the forums.
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Yeah, I don't use tabs because I can hardly play guitar.
Yeah probably.
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Your post was the only bright spot in this disgusting piece of thread.

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I thought this website were for 17 year old virgins who tried to play guitar 5 years ago and playing covers by Slipknot.
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I would, yeah. Like someone else said though, I get all my music news from here.
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I pretty much exclusively the site for the forums, I don't remember the last time I came on to get a tab or read an article.
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i quit guitar months ago, i come here for the forums
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If it kept the forums, I would. 80% of the reason I am on UG is for the forums.
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The only reason I come here is for the Pit
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You have excellent taste in literature, dear sir

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You have excellent taste in video games, good sir.

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You have terrible taste in signatures, idiotic sir.

I only come here for the pit.
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There's tabs on here?
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Yeah. I don't play guitar anymore, and if i want news on bands and stuff i'll just go to their webpage.
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Who uses that shit lol

EDIT: me
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wow I'm suprised that a lot of you don't play or hardly play guitar much, even though this is a guitar based website
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UG shut down everything (tabs, reviews, and shit), but kept the forums, would you still come to UG?

There would be no forums without the rest
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wow I'm suprised that a lot of you don't play or hardly play guitar much, even though this is a guitar based website

I see you're new here
Why would I come to a website with nothing?
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