This is a wierd poem I wrote literally months ago. It's when I was just starting out writing lyrics/poems. Don't ask me what it's about because really it's just a load of ideas thrown together :P. And I'm not depressed or psychotic before you ask... it's not about me. Enjoy!

Man looks on a world I do not walk upon,
Why do I graze grass which fire spreads,
From the sun; which lights my universe dark,
And all things considered I do not regret,
That I forget the fellows around me.

And if my good is thought of bad,
I aplaud the devil for his work,
Because in hate I trust,
It's love that lies when the day is done,
While I run- from the wind of course,
As its path is a tunnel to my demise,
Upon my apparent souls release,
I hope by then that those know me by name,
Instead of just an image they'd hang with a frame.

And if I deserve,
What I revere,
Let the moon eclipse,
Upon then my reality rips,
And stars fall from heaven.

And may I be falling too; with them,
However those blessed gracious individuals,
Never appear to lose themselves,
May one hope they stay detached,
From the longing to become part of this,
Deaths dawning for the old blue jewel.

And while I do not refuse to remain angered,
I have to say that,
The end marks the end.