I love it! It has an awesome build-up. Keep it up!
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Thanks! We are influenced a lot by post-rock so yeah, build ups are a big part. Thanks for the comments
Dat intro.... really good buildup, man. The cut off at 1:09 and the riff after reminds me a lot of Opeth. Really tremendously heavy stuff, especially the riff at 1:46. That was just fantastic. The riff after that at 2:00 reminds me a lot of Cloudkicker. This is something that I would pay money to listen to, provided you had a good singer. The production is pretty raw, but that actually lends itself well to the music.

If you take a look at Part 3 in my sig, that would be awesome.
Thanks very much! I'm flattered and glad the Cloudkicker influence came through, he is a very big influence.

The production is purposely of a somewhat stripped-down nature, i was wondering if it would work as it is kinda taken from the post-rock genre but this is a little heavier. So thanks for your input

I will check out your track shortly.
Great guitar tones and cool riff. Really cool build up with the intro too. It gets a little repetitive after a while however. The heavy part sounds great though, guitar tone sounds fantastic. The song structure is great, production is great. theres really not much i can say, could be a fantastic song with vocals. I love the variations in dynamics. The breakdown bridge is very cool as well. very well put together song. Vocals would make it a great song. maybe a screaming lead solo in there would be cool, other than that good work man.

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Wow, that was kick. I actually loved the repetitiveness, when a good sounding tone keeps repeating a kick riff, it's ok. I really enjoy your style, it's very unique. Your dynamics are beautiful, I love it when people make good use of dynamics, just makes a song so much more emotional.

Everything seems very tight, and is produced very very well, even if you say it's a rough mix. I added your song to my playlist.

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Yup. This is pretty much awesome.

The intro gets repetitive and you might have people giving up before they get to the admittedly awesome part. The guitar tone sounds good for the main chunk of the song, but it's too raw for the intro. The intro with a clean tone would sound great.

Also, the drums could use a little more balls. Turn it up.

All in all a good recording. Get some bass and vox and you're set.

Type as I listen!

Really liking the intro, definitely hear the post-rock influences. Not a huge fan of the snare sound, sounds distant or something like that (might be my speakers though). The riffs are fun, but definitely need vocals or a lead instrument to catch the listener. Are you able to get strings (at least via keyboards)? That could really beef up the feel, especially around 3:30. Love the chord choices around 3:38! Overall, I liked the structure and overall feel, but it didnt catch my attention as much as it would have if there were a lead voicing (whether it be vocals, strings, lead guitar, etc...). Production wise (I have bad speakers so I couldnt get as full of a listen) the mix sounded good, but the drums could def. be beefed up a little more. Also, I do listen to a lot of post-rock and that kind of instrumental rock, and I feel like it didnt have the hook that most songs in that genre have. I think its due to the nature of the riffs that you used; they were great and fun to listen to, but felt like riffs that were behind a lead singer or something of that nature!

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

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