SO, i'm going to university at the end of summer, and i'm seeling all my sh*t that i can't take with me. So i stumbled upon all my old yugioh and pokemon cards that i used to play with/trade and all that jazz when i was younger. I thought about selling them, and i was wondering if there are any other websites for selling this kind of thing other than ebay.

you are going to make very little money... Just give them to someone.
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Give em to some kid on your block

I live in Nova Scotia... i'd have to walk miles, from my igloo, in the freezing cold, just to find another person... i don't think so.

Plus im broke as f*** and want money

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Keep them. Both are 'revived' in certain circles on college campuses. You'll make friends, possibly friends who have loose waistbands and 'assets', while just barely being citizens of the Nerd Kingdom.


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They aren't worth anything.
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some people actually go NUTS over these games, so if you have any limited edition/rare cards people will pay bucks for them. other than that...keep them and wait till you're 60 and out of print and then they'll be worth more...maybe...