Hey guys
So I've been playing for around 5 years now but i have no pedals to show for it. I'm going to be having a garage sale soon so I might get 100 USD or so. But since there are so many options for different pedals I was wondering what the one quintessential guitar (or bass) pedal would be. I play mostly metal and rock etc. Thanks guys
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Usually people buy the pedals that they need to achieve a specific sound. So, buy pedals that you need for the sound you want, and don't buy them just because you think pedals will make you sound like a magical firebreathing music dragon.
Overdrive or distortion
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Maybe an eq or tubescreamer pedal.
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if you have a tube amp i'd say an od of some description.
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maybe a tuner?

a EQ pedal is always fun, i had lot of time with my parametric eq, soo much different sounds....

otherwise: a TS
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Don't feel too bad. I've been playing for 6 years and only have 2 fully functioning pedals.

EQ and od pedals are good for tone shaping. If you want something fun a delay pedal could be good too.
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You should probably buy used if you want real quality.

OD if you want crunch at low volume (Fulltone OCD or Full Drive, Ibanez TS9, Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive, Digitech Bad Monkey, etc) or ANALOG delay (I love My MXR Carbon Copy. When dialed in right, it makes makes a HUGE sound.)
EQ, Overdrive, Noise Gate, etc.

Line 6 also has the M5, which is 200 USD, but it can do literally everything (Modulation, EQ, OD's and Dirt, etc.).

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There is this new pedal out that makes you sound like a magical fire breathing musical dragon, so definitely grab that one.

Isn't that Paul Gilbert's Magik Box Fuzz universe pedal?
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Have some fun and try a few out - if something inspires you then buy it.
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