I just started playing guitar not to long ago and put together this chord chart. It shows chords that only require 1 or 2 fingers.

It starts with all the 2 finger chords I could find and the last two pages are the 1 finger chords I could find.

I thought it was cool to have them all in one place so I could quickly mess around with them on the guitar. Maybe some others will find it useful as well.


EDIT: I have to resize the files to be able to upload them. I have attached the first two pages which are asll the 'A' 2 finger chords I could find.

If there is any interest in seeing the other pages let me know and I will resize and upload them.
2 and 1 Finger Chords1_Page_01.jpg
2 and 1 Finger Chords1_Page_02.jpg
Dude this is great! I teach guitar to a little 8 year old girl who's just starting out, and this is gonna be a great teaching tool. Thanks for posting!
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Great attention to detail ,,,but why? I give it the one finger salute!!

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these can be really helpful to place in between certain phrases while playing. I would like it if you would put up the rest of them. thanks.