I've met very few players, who even though they say they can do blues and jazz drumming, can hardly hold a good shuffle? Just about every drummer that I've met that has a steady shuffle is older than 40. Has the shuffle kinda turned into a forgotten part of drumming lateley?
Ummm, no. I think a good majority of all the songs I play are a shuffle of some variety. Just because the people you know say they can play, I think the proof is actually in their playing. If a drummer cant hold a good shuffle, they are not a drummer.
pff...*throws hands up in disgust...

I know exactly what ya mean, no one can swing any more. I do think it is on it's way out, and the pop drummers today are to blame. A lot of the drummers kids starting out on the drums look up to are the big-names of today...Portnoy, Barker, Jordison, Gillespie. Not that I'm really dissing these guys, but they need to study up on their roots, even they don't particularly like the music...it'll give them a much better understanding of the instrument in the long run. For example, my neighbor has been playing drums for about 2 years, since he started he's been real into Joey Jordison and Chris Adler. He now is fast, and good with double bass, but that's it...he can't play slower stuff at all, tempo goes way out and he keeps wanting to throw in double bass which is totally useless on slower tempos. After suggesting studying up a bit on some Jazz drummers, he responds with "Jazz is for pussies"...?

The Duke said it best..."It Don't Mean a thing (if it ain't got that Swing)"
Is this what you guys mean by shuffle?


I'm not good with drumming terms, I just play things that I find interesting. And i'm sure most other drummers are like that too. To be honest, not many people play blues and jazz any more unless you're a 40+ at an open mic/jam night, and even then 99% of them can barely keep time.

If you can't keep time, you're not a drummer.
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very good shuffle right here, and right around the earliest age I ever find a drummer who can pull it off:


It's annoying because with every blues band I've been playing guitar in, the bass player was around my age 17-19, but the only drummer we could find was 40+ years old.