As the title says please give me the good and bad about sanding my guitar neck down.

Here is my story of pain , I bought a stratocaster deluxe in January this year ( Cherry burst) with a maple neck & satin finish...........the neck seemed ok at first but now that it is worn in the finish is that super glossy nitrocellulose finish that looks nice but is dog to play with...........it has to be perfectly clean and my hands have to be bone dry to even attempt playing it!!

A guitar luthier at a shop told me he always sands down the necks on these but I can be hard to convince when it comes to things like this.........would like to here from other like minds and see what they have to say.

Concerns about the integrity of the wood afterwards has me on hold with this undertaking............and the thought of sanding away on my new guitar has some to do with it also, not scared ......just not informed enough about such things before I go all at it.

Thanks Vigg
Oh you have nothing to worry about at all! All you have to do is go buy some 0000 grade steel wool and rub it around on the back of the neck a little. It wont affect the integrity of the neck 1 iota.
Hey. just got done using the search feature and seen exactly that !!

what i use is 2000 grit sandpaper, and then i buff, and then use 3000.

that makes it smooth as butta
Bought some #0000 steel wool today and went over the back of the neck.

Did not get real wild with the process but I could smell that the steel wool was biting into the finish.

The finish toned down quite a bit and feels good !

The humidity is around 90% here and now everything I touch feels sticky so I am going to factor that in as most of the problem here and leave things as they are.

With my dehumidfier running in the basement we pull almost 5 gallons of water everyday from the air , do not have AC so it's a sticky area in the upper part of the house come summertime.

Our heating source here is oak from september thru june and with that woodstove rockin 24/7 it is perfect in this house and actually have to keep a cast iron pot with water in it to add moisture . 30 below zero outside in the winter and we can keep this house 75 degrees and dry as bone.

Think I will just move everything down in the basement and just live down there till september /october when decent weather comes back .

Sticky Vigg
Do you live in northern russia or something? Im curious as to where it gets that humid in summer and that cold in winter.-